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Hey there! How are you all doing? I hope good.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Angel Pérez, better known here as "TheValefor", and everywhere else as your dear and awesome "Uncle Yetibacca" xD. I would change my user name but I can't afford a Premium memership :v.

Anyway, this is my first time writing a Journal, and I hope I'm doing it the right way. And I'm writing it so people here can understandme in a better way. I'm a Geek in many ways, I love comic books - and mainly superhero ones -, I love RPG, adventure plataform and fighting games, and love watching manga and anime. I also like trading card games.

Among other things I love, is writing, create histories that people can enjoy, and because of that I always try to do my best. I started with fanfictions, and I can say that, and I hope I don't sound arrogant or anything, that the ones that read them really enjoyed them. Thats why I searched and found places like, Wattpad and of course, Deviantart. I'm not a talented artist, thought I apreciate the support of the few persons who knows me here. 
When I met the world of Geek culture, I finally found a world where I fitted and understood me. That's what inspired me to try and understand it better. Then I asked myself if I could be like those people like Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and create a Amazing Universe like they did. I admit, that what I want to do might no be original in the eyes of many, but I'm trying. 

I want to be a comic book writter, and I dream to be in Marvel ranks some day, but I respect them all, just so you know. Sadly, while I have the spirit and tolerable skills in writing, I don't have them in drawin or editing. So I want to tell you all that, for those who can put up with me... to give  me a helping hand, and not just that, but also to help YOU if I can, so we can reach our goals and our dreams.

Thanks for listtening to me, ^^.

PD: Just so you know, I don't do horror or gore things, neither my conscience nor my stomach can handle them e-e.

Mood: w00t! Realistic and Optimistic.