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The White Claws of Resolve by TheValefor The White Claws of Resolve by TheValefor
Hello my friends, how have you all been? I hope good. For those who care, I'm sorry that I haven't updated anything, but I focused on writing the story for the universe I'm creating. The one in which all these current pictures belong. And just so you know, it's my greatest dream, so if you give me a hand in any way you can no matter how small, I will be forever gratefull.

Now that's out the way, I'll present you with another of the Primals. I don't have a name for this one yet, but this friend here represents the resolve we show in life, that no matter how many times someone take us down, if we have a cause worth fighting for, we must always stand up.



Name: Byakko/??

: Good

: Primals

Character Type
: Cosmic Entity/Primal

Partnerships: Hope/Tagiru

: The very definition of the word "stubborn", "Byakko" is a determined fighter, always willing to fight those who threaten life. Once he set's his mind in one goal, nothing in existence will make him doubt or give up. This also makes him to always challenge anyone who he thinks tries to stop him or doesn't agree with him.

Abilities: Like the rest of his brethren, as a Primal, "Buakko" is a force of nature, and has enough power by himself to tear mountains apart. While empowering Tagiru as Hope, Byakko gaves him exceeding physical abilities like agility, speed and a natural instinc for battle. Along this, Tagiru's armor acquires a set of three claws on each arm.
These claws are made of the hardest steel in the galaxy, the "Steel of Resolve", but despite this statment, they have a weakness, and is that their resistance depends on the user will force, and if they doubt themeself for just a second, the claws will break.


So, what do you think?

Please, I beg you, leave comments T.T I need the help like you have no idea. 
neiger Featured By Owner May 16, 2015
I can say this : Your animal drawing skill ( In this case feline ) is impresive

Is Byako can also combine with Tagiru ?
TheValefor Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Wish I could take all the credit, but my partner helped a lot.

Yes he can. His form while combined with Hope, is mainly one for close combat, while not in raw strengh, it compensates with its exceeding speed and agility. And of course the claws xD.
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May 16, 2015
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